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Gora Uppal - PR Photography by Adam Fradgley

PR Photography by Adam Fradgley

At Exposure Photography, we know what makes good PR photography. Adam Fradgley's ability to 'see and then create' a good PR photograph takes away any stress for an agency trying to come up with material that will appeal to the media.

Having been on the receiving end of PR agents' approaches through his work on newspaper picture desks, Adam knows what does and does not work. Therefore he is happy to be involved in the creative process of compiling PR photography press releases that he knows will be attractive to news and feature desks.

Compelling PR Photography

Exposure Photography has the rare ability to transform the mundane into the compelling when creating PR photography. We have a flair for fabulous photography and believe that ordinary, every-day events can create extraordinary pictures.

Mini Production Line, 40th Anniversary - PR Photography Adam Fradgley

PR Photography for Your Event

Whatever your event, whether it be:

  • A PR Photocall
  • The opening of a new bar or restaurant
  • A business awards event
  • A marketing presentation
  • An advertising campaign
  • A PR event

Exposure Photography is keen to make the PR photography that we produce special for you and your clients. We believe it's important to be able to build a rapport with any given person in any given situation, whether it's dealing with company executives or large gatherings of people.

We understand that every PR photographic opportunity is different, all clients are unique and that this demands an engaging, adaptable PR photographer to enhance each situation and capture the very best photograph.

Landrover Driving Experience - PR Photography Adam Fradgley

Professional PR Photographers

We know that this is what is needed to ensure vital column inches within prestigious newspapers and magazines. The Exposure Photography approach is that every PR photography assignment we do should be an enjoyable experience for the client, those being photographed and the photographers themselves.

We hope that our passion and love of photography is infectious to those we work with, and we work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are good at working to specific briefs and deadlines.

PR Photographer Birmingham, West Midlands and Beyond

Here at Exposure Photography public relations photography is very important to us, and we welcome PR photography work Birmingham, the West Midlands, throughout the UK and worldwide.

Adam Fradgley - PR Photography Enquiries

If you require a professional PR photographer in Birmingham or any part of the UK then please do not hesitate to contact Adam Fradgley via the contact form. If you require a PR photographer for events around the world, this is not a problem as Adam has completed photographic work all around the world.

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