News Photography

V is for victory, troops welcomed in Iraq - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

We know which pictures make headline-grabbing news stories. Adam Fradgley has 'a nose for news', having worked on some of the world's most important events, including Princess Diana's funeral, the collection of evidence at the Gloucestershire home of serial killers Rosemary and Fred West and the demise of Rover.

He has an ability to transform the mundane into the fascinating, and regularly generates his own material. Having carried out many foreign photography assignments, Adam has spent a considerable amount of time with the troops in Iraq, visiting war-torn Basra and Baghdad. He has also worked as a photographer out in India, Pakistan and Kashmir, following the work of the Indian Army.

Boris Yeltsin and Tony Blair, G8 Summit - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

Hostile Environment Training Accreditation

He has the Hostile Environment Training accreditation necessary for working in hostile conditions, having been taught to the highest standards by top military experts specialising in safe operation within dangerous situations.

Adam is no stranger to hard news investigations, and has the ability to find an individual, place or piece of information that others are struggling to unearth. He has also worked on many celebrity news stories.

He has had countless picture exclusives, with much of his work appearing on the front pages of prestigious newspapers and being followed up by media across the globe.

Bomb Scare, Birmingham, UK - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

Having run the fast-paced picture desk of the Birmingham Post and Mail for many years, Adam knows what is required for excellent news pictures and can work to specific briefs and tight deadlines.

He is at home at any high profile press conference, major event or international incident. We welcome all types of photographic news jobs for all types of publications.

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