Features Photography

Actress Letitia Dean - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

At Exposure Photography we recognise that the right feature photography can make or break a good feature when it comes to newspaper and magazine editing desks.

Adam Fradgley loves to create candid, grainy, natural shots of individuals in their own environment.

This enables him to compile emotive feature pictures often spanning a series of shots which tell a story in their own right.

He has a sensitivity that lends itself to feature work and can help people feel at ease even when photographing them following a highly emotional event or tragedy.

Trevor Dyer and his Burmese Python - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

Feature work requires great flair and creativity. We believe that feature pictures should stand out from the rest by being compelling to all who view them.

Celebrity Photography

Adam has also photographed many celebrities - the greats, the lates, the has-beens and the wannabes who grace the pages of all the popular gossip columns.

Over the years, he has photographed everyone from Bon Jovi and Posh Spice to Sir Bob Geldolf, Tony Blair and HM The Queen.

Noah and his ark - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

He did an exclusive 'at home' feature with The Who's John Entwhistle, and Sir Richard Attenborough has kept one of Adam's photographs of himself.

We are good at working to specific briefs but will also strive to offer our own ideas where appropriate and would welcome feature and showbiz photographic work throughout the UK and worldwide.

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