Milan Fashion Week - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

Adam Fradgley has photographed some of the world's most prestigious fashion models and designers in some of the world's most iconic places.

A regular at London Fashion Week, he has photographed everyone from headline-grabbing supermodels like Erin O'Connor to leading fashion designers such as Betty Jackson who has inspired a generation of fashion-devotees.

He has also organised fashion shoots in some of the most inspirational places including Birmingham's Botanical Gardens, the exclusive Mechu bar and even in the centre of Milan, during Milan fashion week.

London Fashion Week, Betty Jackson Show - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

The secret to fashion photography is building a rapport with the models involved, making them feel at ease to bring out the best in them, the clothes they are modelling or the hairstyle they are illustrating.

Fashion Photography Experience

We are used to working with stylists, fashion designers and models, and understand the pressures of this fast-paced world.

L'Oreal - Photograph by Adam Fradgley

We know that when it comes to photographing fashion, hair and beauty, the detail is the key.

We recognise this often takes time and patience but are well known in the industry for turning around amazing pictures quickly by instantly making everyone feel at ease.

We are good at working to specific briefs and are happy to inject our own ideas into each fashion photography project.

Fashion photography is all about flair and, at Exposure Photography, we continue to be excited and inspired by new fashion opportunities and welcome both national and international work.

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